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Everybody Loves Ranger!

About Ranger

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Ranger & Jennifer

My name is Jennifer. I’m Ranger’s foster mom.  I work for the Santa Cruz SPCA remotely (live in Sherman Oaks, CA) as the webmaster, Companion newsletter editor, and consultant.  I was the Program Coordinator and Kennel Manager while I lived in Santa Cruz and physically worked at the shelter.  I’ve been working with animals in one capacity or another for about 10 years.  Over this period of time I have fostered over 500 animals.  Ranger is without a doubt, hands-down, the most well-behaved, gentle, loving, easy-going dog I have ever had the pleasure of taking care of.  He’s a breeze, and if it weren’t for the responsible/sane perspective of my boyfriend, Adam, he would be mine.  I love this dog.

Because I do not physically work at the shelter any more, Ranger has not had a venue through which to show his personality.  We take him to the dog park, where everyone loves him, but most people already have multiple dog households and can’t take in another.  If people only knew what he was like, I think he would get snatched up immediately.

Ever think about that dog you’ve always wanted?  The one that listens to everything you tell him to do?  Only cares about hanging out with you?  Loves children, other dogs, cats, and people of all types?  Heals without a leash?  Lays at your feet while you work and never gets out of control?  Doesn’t bark unless there’s a knock at the door or stranger lurking outside?  That dog is Ranger.

You know how there are some dogs that are sweet, well-behaved, etc. but there’s just one or two things that you wish they didn’t do?  Like… “Oh, Rover is such a good boy – I just wish he got along with other dogs” or “Spot is the perfect dog, but he jumps on people when he meets them”… Ranger doesn’t have any of those attributes that one might wish he didn’t have.  He borders on perfect.

Ranger is fully vetted.  He’s up to date on his Rabies, Bordatella (kennel cough), DA2PPv, he’s neutered, has a microchip, and comes with 30 days of health insurance.  Knows basic commands, LOVES kids – including toddlers (though he might give them kiss attacks), gets along with other dogs and cats, loves to snuggle, go for walks and car rides, loves the dog park, and is content to just lay around while you do chores or work.  He would make a GREAT office dog.

I am requesting a small donation to the Santa Cruz SPCA in order to ensure he is going to a good home that can afford to take care of him.

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3 Comments on “About Ranger”

  1. Too bad you aren’t in SC anymore, I just moved here because I will be starting grad school at Moss Landing Marine Laboratories on Tuesday! My new tripawd Chloe will be moving up with me in a few weeks and we look forward to exploring all that Santa Cruz has to offer! Unfortunately in the life situation I am currently in I cannot afford another dog, however I wish the best for Ranger!

    -Chloe’s mom

    • Make sure to check out the dog parks in Aptos and Scotts Valley! I haven’t been to the one in Watsonville, but it may be worth a look as well. If you wander up to Santa Cruz at some point, be sure to check out these pages on the SPCA website, which lists all the dog-friendly places in town, specifically the restaurants, parks and beaches. Good luck with school!

  2. Ranger is a beautiful boy! I very recently lost my tripawd Sadie to osteosarcoma. We have another dog Athena that was great with Sadie (Athena is a retriever mix about 50lbs) How big is ranger, and does he get a long with girl dogs? We’ve always been a multi-dog house, but I think for us 2 dogs is perfect. I live near Las Vegas, and I would love to learn more about Ranger.

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