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Everybody Loves Ranger!

Monkeysister and Me

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Here’s a video mom took of me and Athena playing. This was round 2, because mom didn’t get the camera out in time for the first g0-round. She is definitely a monkeydog (notice how she tries to bite my legs?) But I can still show her who’s boss!

Play hard/drink lots of water

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8 Comments on “Monkeysister and Me”

  1. Ranger…you rock! I am not to sure that you were exactly following the workout directions from the TV though. ha ha!
    Anyway you look like a happy fella…so glad Sadie brought you to your forever home!
    Bud’s mom

  2. wow, that monkeygirl sure is a handful!!! keep her in line, ranger – monkeys…ugh!

    charon & gayle

  3. Ranger, that Athena twirls so many circles I don’t know how you keep up with her! No wonder you drank so much water!! Looks like the two of you had a super great time, though!!

  4. You sure are one happy dog, Ranger. Thanks for sharing!!!


  5. cute! Man, it makes a pup thirsty keeping a monkeybutt in line!

  6. Those MonkeyButts! They don’t give any slack for loosing a leg! ;0)

    cute video!

    Nancy & Butchey

  7. OMD! Athena is a monkeybutt girl! She was grabbing Ranger’s back legs trying to make him fall! Way to hang tuff Ranger!!
    I actually think Athena called the truce first!

  8. yikes!!! you guys wear us out!!!

    charon & gayle

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