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Everybody Loves Ranger!

V A C A T I O N ! ! !

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It was Easter Sunday. I knew this because Mom took this ridiculous picture of me and said I was much cuter than the Easter Bunny.

"Ahhhh, I can't believe you did this to me!"


Anyway, on Easter morning Mom starts putting things in bags and containers. Clothes in one container, food in another, then then cans of soda and beer. Then, she takes out a container and fills it up with MY FOOD!!! Now I’m gettin’ really excited! I’m thinkin’ we’re gonna go somewhere, and sure enough, she puts everything into the car! I can hardly stand it! It takes Mom forever to get everything loaded (she says she doesn’t want to forget anything.) Well, I decide to stay out by the car so she doesn’t forget ME. Then finally, we’re on our way!

"Let's get this show on the road!"

So Mom and I went back to Bullhead City, AZ (where we met Wyatt Ray, Monkeybutt Rocket and their Pawrents a couple months ago.)  This time we stayed for 4 days! Mom says that’s what a vacation is, you go away somewhere fun and just enjoy yourself.  So, here are some pictures and video from my first vacation with just me and Mom:

The Colorado River

Davis Camp

I haven’t seen this much grass since I lived with my foster parents in California!

Paw prints in the sand

"Playing can sure wear a dog out"

Lounging on our private dock!



Ranger by the River

Down the steps in Bullhead City


I had a really great time on vacation!







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9 Comments on “V A C A T I O N ! ! !”

  1. What Fun! 🙂

  2. Ranger, that looks like my kind of place! Where did you stay? It looks really comfy, and it allows dogs! Does it allow monkeydogs, or only tripawds? That water looks like so much fun! And you know what? I have this nifty new life vest…

    Love, Dakota

    • It’s called EL Rio RV resort in Bullhead city, AZ. They have rv hookups and about 6 rental units that have a deck and the one we stayed at had stairs down to our own dock on the river. It was very relaxing! Although she would have been allowed, we left the monkeysister at home!

  3. Vacations??!!! I LOVE Vacations! Looks like you had a great time.
    You mom does know that she dressed you up as a monkeydog…right?

    • Yeah I know! She kept saying I was much better looking than Monkeybunny, but it didn’t matter to me….as you can see I was appalled!

  4. what a wonderful time!!! looks like you had perfect weather, in a perfect place, with a perfect mom!!!

    charon & gayle

    • The weather was really nice, but it was also really windy. We were going to rent a boat on Lake Mojave, but there were whitecaps and it didn’t look like it would be much fun. Gives us a reason to go back though!

  5. Hey Ranger didja miss me? Dang I wish I was there to make you crazy and chase you up the loft!

    • I did miss you because we went to a place that had lots of room to run around and I know we would have had a blast runnin’ around and when you got yourself all worn out from runnin’ I could wrestle you down! Mom missed you too, but I think she really missed your pawrents (something about fajitas and margaritas…)

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