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Everybody Loves Ranger!

….But You Still Gotta Love Me!

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Mommy is always telling me what a good boy I am! I try really hard to stay out of trouble because when I’m a good dog, I know I’ll get lots of snuggles.

I love sleeping under the blankie!

My sissy Athena told be something I didn’t know.  You see, she gets to sleep in the bed too

Mommy, where are you gonna sleep?

But she’s not always a good dog.  One day, she did this

Sorry Mommy, but I coulda swore I heard a squeaker in there!

And then, she did this:

Mommy, you weren't using that pillow were you?

So, Athena seemed to be having so much fun that I thought I would join in!

Look Mom, no hands (and only 1 paw!)

"You Like?"

Then I started to have second thoughts (I know, a little too late.) What if  Mommy and Daddy got mad? What if they blamed Athena instead (OK, gotta admit, that wouldn’t have been a bad thing)?  Well, as it turned out, they weren’t mad at all! I think Mommy was impressed that I could do that with just one front paw.  So, later on that night, I hung out with Athena,

All worn out after a busy day!

…and got snuggles before bedtime!

Is it bedtime yet?

Well, Mommy just said it IS bedtime, so I hope you all have sweet dreams!

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8 Comments on “….But You Still Gotta Love Me!”

  1. Nice job on the couch there Athena! 🙂

  2. Oh Ranger…you are so sweet and so adorable! What a snuggle bug you are. Makes me want to give you a big hug and kiss. Your single paw with that deep dig is amazing!! Looks like what your sister can do to pillows you can do to holes. Sweet dreams to you too!

  3. looks like Ranger has just a good balance of good boy/ miscievious boy in him 🙂

  4. oh athena you’re lucky your mommy loves you so much.

  5. you guys are way too busy!!! ranger, you need to climb back under that blanket and take a nap. we learned years ago that for some reason, the furniture is made to look like it does and we are not to dismantle it…geesh…

    gayle & charon

    • Fortunately, Daddy is pretty handy with a needle and thread so the damage wasn,t permanent! We nicknamed her “Athena the Pillow Slayer”, but she’s getting better. Maybe Ranger’s setting a good example!

  6. Oh Ranger and Athena, you are both such, strong, smart kids. You both do such good jobs. I am afraid that my Mattie will be exactly like Athena when she grows up. I am going to have to make sure she doesn’t see these photos. She gets enough ‘good’ ideas on her own.
    Spirit Opie’s and now Earthly Mattie’s Mom

  7. How the heck did he do that?? I can’t even picture what the whole one front leg digging thing would look like… What an amazing little adapter he is. Love the photo of him under the blanket – the best snuggler in history!

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