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Trip to the Vet (Don’t Worry)

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It’s been awhile, but Mom’s been busy at work and Dad won’t let me use the computer without adult supervision.  Last Thursday Mom FINALLY took me for a car ride. I’ve been waiting forever! Here’s a picture of me a few days before, when I thought we were going, but it turned out Mom was just cleaning the car.

If we can't go for a ride, can I at least eat the french fries under the seat?

So anyway, when we finally go into town the first place we go is this outdoor shopping mall and we go into a doggie bakery! Mom bought me some really good treats (but she made me save some for Athena.) Then we walked around a little and I got to meet all kinds of people. This one guy said I was really cool, and these ladies having lunch outside said I was very handsome. Then these 2 little kids wanted to pet me and I’m so glad mom said it was OK, because I LOVE getting pets! After that, mom wanted a treat too so we went to Ben and Jerry’s. I patiently waited outside while Mom got a scoop of strawberry ice cream. Then we sat outside and I got to try a little. It was really good (I didn’t even try to eat the spoon!)

After that we drove to the vet’s office. Don’t worry, I’m not sick, mom just wanted me to have a check-up and let everyone there meet me. They took care of my sister Spirit Sadie, and mom told them about me even before she adopted me. They’re all really nice, even when they had to take my temperature! I weighed in at 68lbs, but I had my ruff wear harness on so I probably really weigh a little less. Doc said I looked great and told mom to make sure I didn’t gain any weight (he knows how much Mom likes to spoil me.) She also bought this food bowl with these big knobbies in it so that I don’t gobble my food up so fast. Then it was time so say goodbye.

The last place we went was Petco! They let mom exchange a big bag of food that she bought for Sadie for some food for me. Mom said Spirit Sadie just eats lots of treats now and doesn’t need regular food (imagine that!) Then it was time to drive back to Pahrump. That was one great day!

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3 Comments on “Trip to the Vet (Don’t Worry)”

  1. what a wonderful adventure!!!! ice cream comes from a store?? geesh….might have to check that out further. glad you got the OK from your doc, sounds like great days ahead for you!!! happy times!

    gayle & charon

  2. Wow… sounds like somebody had a fun day (except for that whole taking your temperature part, of course…). Glad to hear so many people are getting to meet him. He’s like a rock star!

    Can’t wait for more updates 🙂

  3. Mmmmmmm… Ben and Jerry’s! 🙂

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